Dazzle High-Gloss Acrylic Floor Finish

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Dirt acts as a barrier to light, causing floors to look dull and lifeless.

Dazzle high-gloss liquid floor finish utilizes a unique combination of reactive synthetic polymers to produce a finish that can withstand the rigors of frequent burnishing. It is designed for easy maintenance and offers superior scratch and scuff resistance, which reduces the frequency of restoration and re-coating operations. Dazzle dries fast with an incredible wet look gloss, and can be used in both spray buffing and burnishing operations.

For Use On:

  • Tile, Vinyl, Linoleum, Hardwood


  • Fast-drying formula reduces labor costs and downtime.
  • Two coats seals and protects floors.


  • Apply at a rate of 1,850 square feet per gallon.
  • Two coats are recommended for spray buffing, four coats for burnishing.
  • Dust mop daily with our Dust Mop Treatment.
  • Damp mop regularly with our Excel Floor Cleaner.

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