Coil Clean Powder Cleaner For Beer Lines, Taps & Coils


Product Details

This powdered concentrated detergent is formulated to eliminate residues, mineral deposits and films from beer and wine dispensing lines. It flushes out lines and taps to keep them clean and fresh and helps maintain the true flavor and aroma of beverages. It dissolves quickly and rinses away easily with water.

For Use On:

  • Beer lines and taps
  • Faucets

Effective Against:

  • Beverage Residues
  • Protein Film
  • Beer Stone
  • Mineral Deposits


  • Dissolve 1-2 ounces per quart of water.
  • For short lines use one quart of solution.
  • For long lines use 2-3 quarts of solution.

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Part# 780

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