Eliminator Dual Aquatic/Terrestrial Weed Killer Concentrate

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ELIMINATOR is a versatile, non-selective herbicide used to kill terrestrial and aquatic weeds (and algae) in non-crop areas, as well as ponds, lakes and drainage ditches. It offers no residual action, is water-dilutable and is only effective when absorbed by foliage - it becomes inactive upon contact with soil.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for eliminating specific weeds that are close to desired flowers, shrubs, bushes and trees.
  • Kills most forms of plant growth without damage to the soil.
  • Kills submerged and floating aquatic weeds.
  • Effects visible within days.
  • 1.85% Diquat
  • Only works when absorbed by foilage, deactivates on contact with soil.

Time Lapse Results:


NOT FOR SALE IN Maine or Vermont

NOT FOR SALE IN ND - Please Turf King for shipment to ND

NOT FOR SALE IN NH, NJ - Please see Vacate for shipment to NH, NJ.

NOT FOR SALE IN DE, MI, NY - Please see Banish  for shipment to DE, MI, NY.

Pesticide Applicator's License Required for Sale in Washington

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