Banish Weed Killer

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The low odor herbicide Banish is a non-selective water-based concentrate that destroys the plant from the roots up, and features year-long residual weed control. The versatile Banish total kill concentrated formula can be used at a 10 to 1 dilution to eliminate hard-to-kill annual and perennial weeds, and can also be diluted 2 to 1 and used for special jobs such as brush removal.

For use in areas where you would want all vegetation killed: non cropland areas, railroad rights-of-way, fence rows, around buildings, loading ramps, storage yards, industrial sites, parking lots, tank farms and more.


Orders shipping to Texas and Mass. require a Pesticide Applicator License
(License # must be emailed to us before shipment can be made)

Alternative Weed Killers for TEXAS: Turf King, Barren
Alternative Weed Killer for MA: Turf King

NOT FOR SALE IN CA, CO, CT, RI, Please see Eliminator for shipment to CA, CO, CT, RI, VT.

NOT FOR SALE IN IL, MT, ND, SD, WA, WY Please see Turf King for shipment to IL, MT, ND, SD, WA, WY.

NOT FOR SALE IN ME, NH, VT Please see Vacate for shipment to ME, NH, VT (pesticide license required in Maine and Vermont, but not New Hampshire).

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