Restroom Care

Restroom Care
Bio-Action Active Bacteria Drain Opener & Maintainer
$ 119.40
Most drain clogs result from the accumulation of food materials on the inside of drain surfaces. Regular use establishes an...
Bio-Max OC Restroom Cleaner - Biodegradable Odor Eliminator
$ 89.40
Bio-Max OC is a multi-functional rest room cleaner formulated for the daily maintenance of most bathroom areas. It is a...
Biodegradable All Purpose Cleaner
$ 99.80
Biodegradable, general purpose detergent This is a gentle, neutral pH concentrate made with biodegradable surfactants designed for general purpose cleaning...
Chlorinated (Bleach) Foaming Cleaner Concentrate
$ 189.80
USDA Authorized This high-foaming concentrate is formulated with chlorine bleach to offer maximum grease and stain cutting power. It can...
Creme Cleanser Thickened Cream Cleaner (Mild Abrasive)
$ 99.60
This highly viscous, mild abrasive cleanser is perfect for tough cleaning jobs. It has the power to remove some of...
Digestase APD 900 Organic Waste Septic System Digestant
$ 99.95
USDA Authorized This product utilizes the powerful waste-digesting abilities of special bacteria and natural enzymes. It is a blend of...
Foaming Tile & Shower Cleaner
$ 99.80
Foaming Tile & Shower Cleaner is a ready-to-use lime and soap scum remover that is non-abrasive and requires no scrubbing....
Gel Mold & Mildew Cleaner w/ Bleach
$ 69.60
This clinging gel cleaner removes mildew stains and odors without running, dripping or wasteful fallout. Its fast-acting bleach-enhanced formula is...
Glass Cleaner
$ 59.60
A ready-to-use cleaner that provides rapid, no-streak cleaning of all glass surfaces, tile, porcelain and plastic. This powerful formula also...
Heavy Duty Tile/Toilet Bowl Cleaner
$ 499.50
This liquid cleaner dissolves rust, lime and other minerals on hard surfaces such as tile, porcelain and fiberglass. Its powerful,...
Liquidase 250 Bacterial Enzyme Waste Digestant
$ 109.40
This product combines the potent waste-digesting properties of natural enzymes and special multi-cultured strains of natural bacteria. These Bacillus bacteria...
Live Micro 535 Concentrated Bacterial Digestant
$ 79.95
Live Micro is a concentrated digestant contains selected multi-cultured strains of natural enzyme-producing bacteria. These special strains of bacteria are...
Royal Flush Portable Toilet Maintainer (Odor Control)
$ 99.60
This product is a breakthrough in portable toilet waste and odor control. This high performance product uses nature's own waste...
Simple Shower One-Step Shower Cleaner
$ 99.40
Simple Shower is a ready to use liquid cleaner designed to be used as a daily shower rinse to stop...
Toilet Seat Wipes
$ 49.95
Toilet Seat Wipes Make every public restroom toilet clean and fresh -Fast evaporating formula pre-moistened on 6" x 6" biodegradable...
Ultra Live Micro Bacterial Enzyme Concentrate
$ 349.95
Ultra Live Micro is designed to be easily blended into a highly concentrated suspension of bacterial spores. No special equipment,...
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