Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Anti-Static Spray (Carpet/Computer/Electronics)
$ 89.80
This professional strength liquid spray removes static electricity from a variety of surfaces to prevent valuable computer data and memory...
Extractor Defoamer Additive
$ 109.80
This concentrated liquid additive is designed to eliminate foaming due to residues left behind on carpets and rugs from cleaning...
Floor Neutralizer (Detergent & Stripper Residue Remover)
$ 79.95
This concentrated liquid solution offers a unique combination of wetting agents and organic pH neutralizers that remove the alkaline residues...
Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner
$ 79.80
This liquid butyl-based spotter and cleaner utilizes special penetrating agents to cut through heavy dirt and soil to restore carpeting...
Hydro Power Carpet Stain Remover (Hydrogen Peroxide)
$ 79.75
Using the power of hydrogen peroxide, Hydro Power Carpet & Spot Remover is the next generation in cleaning. There are...
Low Foam Steam & Hot Water Extractor Detergent
$ 99.80
This powerful liquid detergent cleans and brightens all types of carpets and rugs for longer life and better appearance. Its...
Soil Guard Carpet and Upholstery Protector
$ 159.80
This ready-to-use water-based anti-soil and anti-static treatment is designed for use on carpets, drapery and upholstery. It retards soil accumulation...
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