Liquidase 250 Bacterial Enzyme Waste Digestant

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This product combines the potent waste-digesting properties of natural enzymes and special multi-cultured strains of natural bacteria. These Bacillus bacteria spores (both anaerobic and aerobic) are cultured for the ability to digest waste - quickly, efficiently and without odors.

These bacteria are combined with free enzymes using a patented stabilization process. The enzymes work synergistically with bacteria to quickly break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats - to provide the fastest action available in a liquid digestant.


  • Controls waste and odors WITHOUT the use of CHEMICALS.
  • Regular use keeps plumbing lines and septic systems operating properly.


  • Use 2 ounces weekly for sinks, floor drains, urinals and toilets.
  • Use 2-4 quarts for septic tanks initially, then 1 pint weekly for every 5 people using the system.
  • Use 1 quart for grease traps initially, then 1 pint weekly.

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