Insect Repellent Wipes w/ DEET


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EPA Registered

Users can apply a highly effective repellent exactly where it is needed. 6" x 8" wipe perfect for protecting exposed areas without affecting the eyes or mouth. Enhanced with aloe to keep skin smooth and soft. Plus, they can even be applied to clothes without causing stains. Safe to the environment - and since there's no spraying, plants and grasses are never harmed by excess repellent falling from the air.

Includes 6 canisters with 40 wipes each.


  • Special repellent formula featuring 25% DEET keeps insects away for 4+ hours.


  • Black flies, chiggers, deer flies, fleas & ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, stable flies


  • Wipe or rub liberally on all exposed skin, avoiding eyes and mouth.
  • After returning indoors, wash treated skin and clothing.
  • Avoid contact with eyeglass frames, and acetate rayon.

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Part# 1541

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