Digestase KFP 585 Kitchen and Food Processing Digestant


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This products utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of special bacteria and natural enzymes. This blend of bacillus bacteria strains (both anaerobic and aerobic) are cultured for their superior ability to digest and liquefy all organic waste - quickly, efficiently and without odors. It also contains cellulase and other action on grease, fats and plant fiber (cellulose) waste. Works to eliminate drain blockages, odors and surcharges for food processing facilities.


  • Attack, liquefy and remove grease, fat and oil faster.
  • Contains vitamins to enhance bacterial growth.
  • Bacteria are in spore form for extended shelf life.
  • Contains anaerobic and facultative bacteria and decreases BOD load.

For Use In:

  • Meat and poultry processing plants.
  • Industrial kitchens and bakeries.
  • Milk processing plants and breweries.
  • Fruit and vegetable canneries.


  • Activate enzymes in warm water before use.
  • For drain clogs, pour 5 tablespoons dissolved in 2 cups of warm water into drain.
  • For grease traps, use 1 lb per 20 cubic feet of trap size.
  • For septic systems and holding tanks, use 1/2 lb weekly per 1000 gallons of capacity.
  • For sewer laterals, use 1 lb per day.
  • For pond or lagoon system, use 2 lbs weekly for each 10,000 gallons of daily flow.

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