Spring Feed Quick Green Liquid Fertilizer 20-2-3 Concentrate

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Spring Feed Quick Green provides the best, most uniform nutrition and gives new life and color to grass quickly.

A concentrated fertilizer with a controlled-release nitrogen blend to provide longer, more even feeding of turf. It also offers fast green-up, making it ideal for spring and early summer applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • High nitrogen content promotes lush greening and fast growth of turf.
  • Nutrients last longer and are more evenly distributed without causing burning.
  • Recommended for spring and early summer application.


  • Product is highly concentrated and must be diluted with water before application.
  • For spring application to turf, dilute 1/2 to 1 gallon with sufficient water for uniform application to 1000 square feet.
  • For later applications, apply this same amount to 2000 square feet.
  • The turf should be watered thoroughly after spraying fertilizer to wash nutrients into the soil.

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