Floor Neutralizer (Detergent & Stripper Residue Remover)


Product Details

This concentrated liquid solution offers a unique combination of wetting agents and organic pH neutralizers that remove the alkaline residues of detergents, strippers and ice-melting products from floors and carpets without harming the finish.

Floor Neutralizer also eliminates the caustic browning of rugs and carpets due to detergent and shampoo residues. The concentrated formula makes it a versatile product for custom applications, and it even helps increase the penetrating, adhering and leveling properties of floor finishing products.

For Use On:

  • Hardwood & vinyl floors
  • Metal surfaces
  • Rugs and carpets

Effective Against:

  • Wax stripping and scrubbing
  • De-Icer pellets
  • Carpet browning


  • Neutralize detergents and stripping residues: Mix 1-3 ounces per gallon in rinse water to mop floor.
  • Neutralize carpets after cleaning: Mix 1-3 ounces per gallon of water in carpet extraction equipment.
  • Remove salt and de-icer residue: Mix 3 ounces per gallon of water, mop on floor and dry mop or wet vac.

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