Digestase GTD 655 Earth Friendly Grease Trap Digestant


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This product is a natural digestant that uses nature's own cleaning agents to remove grease accumulations from grease traps and grease-trap plumbing. Fortified with LIPASE Enzymes for instant action. Use this regularly to prevent clogs or back-ups and reduce or eliminate the need for unpleasant manual cleaning of traps. Non-toxic, environmentally safe, this product uses the natural digesting power of selected bacteria strains. It helps to degrade grease accumulation by nature's own methods. Contains no harsh chemicals, non-corrosive acids or caustics.


  • Bacteria attack, liquefy and remove grease, fat and oil faster.
  • Regular use will prevent clogs and back-ups and reduce the need for pump outs.
  • Bacteria are in spore form for extended shelf life.
  • Contains anaerobic and facultative bacteria and decreases BOD load.


  • Activate enzymes in warm water before use.
  • Use 1 lb per 20 cubic feet of grease trap.
  • Use 1/2 lb every 3 days per 20 cubic feet of grease trap.

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