Brush Stump & Broadleaf Weed Killer Concentrate

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Brush, Stump & Weed Killer is a highly active and powerful concentrated broadleaf weed and brush killer (such as thistles and poison ivy) that works without harming the desired grasses and turf, and can also be used as a concentrated stump killer.

The Brush, Stump & Weed Killer's killing action is performed through absorption of the material by the weed foliage, best applied by hand sprayers or large tank sprayers.

Kills woody brush such as poison oak, brambles poison ivy, sumac and honeysuckle.


NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA Please see Eliminator for shipment to California.

NOT FOR SALE IN MICHIGAN Please see Triple Threat for shipment to Michigan.

In LOUISIANA, a Pesticide Applicator's License is required to purchase this product.

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