Orange Plus Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner (1:128 Concentrate)

$ 149.95 + FREE SHIPPING

Product Details

This highly concentrated, heavy-duty floor cleaner cleans, degreases and deodorizers floors with the power of oranges. Our heavy duty formulation is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants and other high-traffic industrial settings. Works extremely well in floor scrubbing machines. Leaves floors clean, fresh and residue free.

  • Use 1:128 dilution for general floor cleaning.
  • Use 1:64 dilution for heavy-duty floor cleaning.
  • Use 1:32 dilution for floors with excessive amounts of grease.

Non-toxic, readily-biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using sustainable, plant-based ingredients. Product is free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, greywater and septic safe.

Concentrate recognized the USDA's Biopreferred Program.


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